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Kitchen Organizing – Creating A Drink Zone

I LOVE when people move! Fresh start! I get to design, set up and organize home offices, living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens. I always have so many IDEAS. The first thing that needs to be put together is the kitchen. Of course you have to eat! and drink coffee and...
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Personal Moving Checklist

Six Weeks Before the Move
  • Start collecting unwanted things you are not moving to the new house for a garage sale or charity donation.
  • Organize the garage sale or contact a charity for date and time of pick up. Take photos and make an itemized checklist with estimated market value if planning to write off as a donation to charity. Save donation receipts...
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Getting ready for the packers to arrive

packing services in berkeley and oakland PACKING TIPS  Whether they are friends, family, or a professional service, have things ready when the packers arrive. This includes ample boxes and packing materials if you are providing them. Set aside or label anything you do not want packed. Waiting until the last minute...
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