Getting ready for the packers to arrive

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Whether they are friends, family, or a professional service, have things ready when the packers arrive. This includes ample boxes and packing materials if you are providing them. Set aside or label anything you do not want packed. Waiting until the last minute to sort slows the process. Save time, money and anxiety by being prepared.

  • Set aside on a bed or in a box anything you need to have overnight during your move such as toiletries, medicine, clothing, the laptop, cell phone charging cords, etc. If you want the packers to focus on certain areas of the house or a room, use sticky notes to designate them. Adhere with an extra piece of scotch tape to prevent the notes from falling.
  • You can also prepare a written list of directions for the packers to follow. Keep it simple. Make a copy for each packer.
  • Clear off surfaces so they have somewhere on which to wrap. The kitchen counter, dining and coffee table are good areas.
  • If a tabletop and/or the items being packed on it are fragile, lay a sheet or thin blanket down on the surface for protection.
  • Set aside high-value items such as artwork or collections, and inform the packers of them upon arrival so that they take extra care.
  • Keep in mind that moving companies usually will not insure pre-packed boxes for more than the basic .60/lb. Check with your movers about their policies, you may want them to pack and insure high value items.
  • Have out quart and gallon-size zip-lock bags to be used for smaller kitchen utensils, or toiletries that may spill or leak. This is also a good time to use plastic grocery or shopping bags you’ve been saving.
  • Prepare towels or bulky linens you are willing to let the packers use to cushion fragile items in boxes and save a little money on packing materials.
  • Moving companies usually do not transport plants, flammables and hazardous liquids or materials of any kind. Be sure to inquire with your movers about what they will not transport so that you don’t have the packers pack it.
  • Providing fresh fruit, light snacks and cold water or juice for your packers and movers is a small deed that goes a long way. A couple of short and healthy fuel breaks throughout the day maintains energy, efficiency, and a positive attitude.


The packers can tape these easy to read labels onto your moving boxes…a great way to help you and your movers see what boxes go where. Print only the pages you need on the back of scratch paper. You can always just have them use good old fashion marker labeling, too.


Use these nifty room signs to put on doors and walls at the new house and help your movers get boxes to the correct rooms. Highly recommended.

packing services in berkeley and oakland


  • Have the movers place boxes according to the pre-printed room signs.
  • Leave pathways, table and countertops clear so that you or your unpackers may use them to safely work.
  • Break down boxes and stack like-size ones together.
  • Flatten and stack used wrap paper, then roll together about 25 pieces at a time and stand upright in a large box. Several stored this way takes up less space and are easier to carry than scrunched paper stuffed into garbage bags. If you are passing these materials onto another person to reuse, she will appreciate it.
  • If you do not have someone to give leftover materials to, posting FREE PACKING MATERIALS on Craigslist or Freecycle is a sure way to get them hauled away quickly.
  • Packing peanuts are not recyclable in most areas. Check with your local mail and ship store, as they commonly accept peanut donations and reuse them.



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