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Six Simple Steps To Getting Organized

Getting organized doesn't happen overnight.  It's a life long process, a "lifestyle change" that develops and improves over time.  The more action you take toward an organized lifestyle, the more time you will have for family, friends, hobbies, and life goals. With faithful practice, you WILL become more organized. Here are six simple steps to get you started, with one big...
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Kitchen Organizing – Creating A Drink Zone

I LOVE when people move! Fresh start! I get to design, set up and organize home offices, living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens. I always have so many IDEAS. The first thing that needs to be put together is the kitchen. Of course you have to eat! and drink coffee and...
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When is it Junk?

When is it junk? If you're reading this it's likely you are considering whether something you own is junk or worth keeping. There can certainly be exceptions, especially when it comes to somethings age, cost, who gave it to you, etc. Here's a chance to figure out for yourself whether something you own is good stuff and when it is junk. XRead more

How to declutter magazine collections, have fun and get things done!

Are you like many... a collector of magazines? Are they piled high in your living room, office, bedroom, or bathroom? Do you keep them near out of fear of throwing away a perfectly good article? If so, this organizing tip is for you. You can hold onto your favorite magazines and beat the clutter by following these simple steps each time a...
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