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Six Simple Steps To Get Organized

My boy Newton. He owns and loves but a few simple toy, but we have the most fun hiking together in the East Bay Regional Park hills.

Getting organized doesn't happen overnight. 

It's a process or a "lifestyle change" that develops and improves...

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Kitchen Organizing – Creating A Drink Zone

Create a "drink zone" in the kitchen that includes everything you need to make your drinks: coffee, tea, various drink mixes, sugars, honey, mugs, glasses, coffee and tea maker, blender, juicer...

I LOVE when people move! Fresh start! I get to design, set up and organize home offices, living rooms,...

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When is it Junk?

If you're reading this it's likely you are considering whether something you own is junk or worth keeping. Here's an opportunity to figure it out:

When is it Junk?

When is it JUNK?

It's JUNK if:

  • It's moldy,...
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How to declutter magazine collections, have fun and get things done!

Are you like many... a collector of magazines? Are they piled high in your living room, office, bedroom, or bathroom? Do you keep them near out of fear of throwing away a perfectly good article? If so, this organizing tip is for you. You can hold onto your favorite magazines and beat the clutter by following these simple steps each time a...
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