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Tips to Get the Garage Organized

Fremont, CA Garage

One of the toughest areas to get and keep organized is the garage. It is a catch-all and living “to-do" list. A multipurpose nature coupled with being out-of-sight, out-of-mind makes a garage prone to clutter. No space could be more useful when utilized well.

When I acquire new clothing, I have a rule to let go of as many as I bring in to make room for the new and stay uncluttered. I reinforce this rule by only owning a certain amount of hangers (I hang up EVERYTHING.) How to decide what to let go? Here are tips I use myself. I let go of clothing...
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When is it Junk?

When is it junk? If you're reading this it's likely you are considering whether something you own is junk or worth keeping. There can certainly be exceptions, especially when it comes to somethings age, cost, who gave it to you, etc. Here's a chance to figure out for yourself whether something you own is good stuff and when it is junk. XRead more

Interview with Betty A. Sproule, co-author of The Stuff Cure

I am interviewing Betty A. Sproule, co-author of The Stuff Cure: How we lost 8,000 pounds of stuff for fun, profit, virtue, and a better world. What a catchy title, Betty, who should read your book? Our book is for anyone who feels that they have more stuff in their home and garage than they...
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