Tips to Get the Garage Organized

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One of the toughest areas to get and keep organized is the garage. It is a catch-all and living “to-do” list. A multipurpose nature coupled with being out-of-sight, out-of-mind makes a garage prone to clutter. No space could be more useful when utilized well.

Perhaps you’re ready to hit the slopes and want to get on the road without having to dig through piles to find the cold-weather gear. Or you have a special project in mind but never get to it because you lack the space to work. Read our tips on the blog for ways to get and keep the garage organized, and you’ll be on the way to having a functional storage and work space roomy enough to throw a dance party in. 

If after reading, you still feel like there’s too much to do, give Bella Organizing a call. We’ll get the garage de-cluttered and set up in no time.

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Garage Organizing Tips

Don’t let cardboard boxes and packaging stockpile in the garage. Many people say they want to keep packaging in case a recent purchase needs to be returned, repaired, or for when they move. If you value your space, recycle product packaging immediately after its return or repair insurance date expires. If you one day need a box for it, you can get an equivalent at a local hardware or office supply store, or free from a supermarket or Craigslist. Your personal space is valuable, don’t clutter it with packaging you only anticipate needing.

Sweep the garage once a week. Each go-over will pick up a little more left over from last time. This is a great way for kids to earn allowance. Have a garage-sweeping checklist clipped on the wall to follow when taking out the trash and mark when done.

Keep things off the floor. Critters love dark, cozy places. Prevent piles on the floor and other exposed surfaces to keep pests from returning to make your favorite things their love and poop nests.

Use heavy-duty bins with secure lids to store your most valuable items. Rodents LOVE eating through cardboard to poop on your precious photos of grandma, and the next rain can’t wait to deliver moisture to your memorabilia and start a mold and mildew party. Secure your stuff in solid bins that cannot be penetrated in a garage, attic, basement, or other space that is exposed to the elements.

Create and honor zones. Automotive supplies, recreational gear, holiday decorations, tools and hardware, cleaning supplies, emergency preparedness kit, memorabilia. If you have trouble getting organized, creating and honoring zones will make a HUGE difference in your ability to find what you need and prevent you from buying duplicates.

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