Now Hiring Home Organizing Assistant

Now Hiring Home Organizing Assistant

Learn the professional organizing industry and receive top pay. Lots of room for growth & career development.

Job Description

As an organizing assistant you will be working with a lead professional organizer...

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Storage: Daily, Short-Term, & Long-Term

The work I do as a professional organizer is all about smart and safe storage. I consult on and implement day to day storage for:

  • Immediate (daily) access - such as the kitchen cabinets, wardrobe closets, paperwork file cabinets
  • Short term storage -...
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Declutter Paperwork

Paperwork organizing can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Take control of paperwork and deal with it as soon as you walk in the door.
For today's paper decluttering task, choose paperwork that challenges you most, the stuff you've been holding off on for a while and letting pile up. You don't need to worry about...
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Six Simple Steps To Get Organized

My boy Newton. He owns and loves but a few simple toy, but we have the most fun hiking together in the East Bay Regional Park hills.

Getting organized doesn't happen overnight. 

It's a process or a "lifestyle change" that develops and improves...

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How To Pack A Box of Books

How To Pack A Box of Books

🌟 Sort books by size
🌟 Place largest books flat on the bottom, smaller books on top
🌟 Place books upright only to fill gaps on the sides as needed
🌟 Use crumpled packing paper to fill remaining gaps and ensure a firm top of box.
🌟 Tape securely
🌟 Label the contents

It’s a good time to make money off what you haven’t used in years. San Francisco Bay Area Professional Organizer Isabella Guajardo breaks it down.

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