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How To Sell Your Items at Auction

When I work with clients to declutter their homes, we often uncover valuable treasures worth selling. There are many ways to make money from unwanted items: Craiglist, Ebay, Amazon, consignment stores, garage sales, etc. But not everyone feels comfortable inviting strangers from Craigslist to their home, nor getting offers of only 25 cents at a garage sale for a beloved treasure...
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Things To Keep In Mind When Donating

Most donation drop-off centers accept items year around, and the busiest time is the final six days of the year. At this time, twice as many people take donations to a tax-deductible charity organization to get a last-minute tax receipt. Why? Items donated to this kind of charity before January 1 is usually deductible on that years' tax return. Things to keep in mind when donating to...
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Interview with Betty A. Sproule, co-author of The Stuff Cure

I am interviewing Betty A. Sproule, co-author of The Stuff Cure: How we lost 8,000 pounds of stuff for fun, profit, virtue, and a better world. What a catchy title, Betty, who should read your book? Our book is for anyone who feels that they have more stuff in their home and garage than they...
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