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Declutter the Linen Closet


1. to remove mess or clutter from (a place).

2. to organize and prioritize (one’s commitments, material possessions, etc.)

3. to let go

Declutter First, Organize Next. 

Pulling out what you no longer want is key to creating space and will make the...

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How To Sell Your Items at Auction

When I work with clients to declutter their homes, we often uncover valuable treasures worth selling. There are many ways to make money from unwanted items: Craiglist, Ebay, Amazon, consignment stores, garage sales, etc. But not everyone feels comfortable inviting strangers from Craigslist to their home, nor getting offers of only 25 cents at a garage sale for a beloved treasure...
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Things To Keep In Mind When Donating

Most donation drop-off centers accept items year around, and the busiest time is the final six days of the year. At this time, twice as many people take donations to a tax-deductible charity organization to get a last-minute tax receipt. Why? Items donated to this kind of charity before January 1 is usually deductible on that years' tax return. Things to keep in mind when donating to...
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Interview with Betty A. Sproule, co-author of The Stuff Cure

I am interviewing Betty A. Sproule, co-author of The Stuff Cure: How we lost 8,000 pounds of stuff for fun, profit, virtue, and a better world. What a catchy title, Betty, who should read your book? Our book is for anyone who feels that they have more stuff in their home and garage than they...
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