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How Much Should You Tip Movers? Tipping Etiquette for Moving Companies

What is the tipping etiquette for movers?

Movers are entrusted with your personal belongings and do a lot of heavy lifting. Many times they need to carefully and strategically maneuver furniture and boxes up and down stairs, through narrow corridors, and even out second story windows. For this reason, some people feel obligated to give these service-based workers extra recognition for their hard work. Movers don't expect a...

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Personal Moving Checklist

Six Weeks Before the Move
  • Start collecting unwanted things you are not moving to the new house for a garage sale or charity donation.
  • Organize the garage sale or contact a charity for date and time of pick up. Take photos and make an itemized checklist with estimated market value if planning to write off as a donation to charity. Save donation receipts...
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