Week 46 | Wrapping Paper | 52 Weeks To Downsize & Minimalize

Wrapping Paper tends to find a way to get a little out of control at times. It can get excessive and before you know it, it’s taking up an entire closet or room in your home. Time to downsize!

Ways to Downsize Wrapping Paper

It may be tempting to keep every square inch that doesn’t get used. There comes a time when it’s appropriate to recycle the remnants that won’t survive another gift to wrap.

You may also have old paper that is faded, torn, or simply doesn’t fit in with anything you would use it for. That means it’s time to pitch it!

Beware of hoarding tape, bows, ribbon, and other supplies with the wrapping paper. Drop off excess gift wrap supplies to your local after-school youth or creative reuse program.