Week 45 | DVDs and CDs | 52 Weeks To Downsize & Minimalize

Today, if you have DVDs and CDs sitting around your home, you are wasting valuable space. That space could be better utilized or simply kept clean and clear.

Downsizing the DVDs and CDs in Your Home

If you have shelves of old CDs and DVDs, what should you do? If you are looking to make a few bucks, try to sell them on websites such as Amazon and ebay. You may be surprised what you can get for some of the more rare ones.

Not quite ready let them go yet? Download the music and movies that you are about to get rid of and import the music from your CD’s to your iTunes or other digital music library on your computer. It’s simple and now you’ll be able to have these items wherever you go. You don’t need the hard copies cluttering up your home.

Ready to donate? Give them to a public library, Goodwill, Salvation Army, or other local charitable organization or school. Be prepared to gain lots of extra room in your home and you can also get a tax deduction for items that you donate.

No more DVDs and CDs cluttering up the space that you live in. And don’t forget to clean out your car, too.