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Week 11 | Bottled Water | 52 Weeks to Downsize & Minimalize

During Week #11, we learn and practice ways to downsize and minimalize the use of disposable plastic water bottles and plastic containers for water. We review the pros and cons of plastic water bottles, what plastic "leaching" means and does, and spotlight alternative water storage and filtering options.

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Week 6 | 52 Weeks to Downsize & Minimalize | Let Go of Loneliness

Whether or not you have lots of family and friends, lack of depth in at least a few relationships can leave a gaping hole in the spirit that leads to loneliness. Could focusing on the quantity of Facebook friends we are connected to, excess eating, unhealthy drinking, prolonged sleep, and/or the collection of “stuff” be signs of trying to fill an emotional void in our lives? Perhaps what the human...
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Week 3 | 52 Weeks to Downsize and Minimalize | Clear the Skeletons

"Skeletons in the closet" is a colloquial phrase and idiom used to describe a hidden shame or a secret someone does not want revealed out of fear that it would have a negative impact on the perception of them by others. It can also mean not being ready to emotionally let go of something. Whether you are holding onto a deep, dark...
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