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Tips to Declutter Before the Move

Moving soon? Now’s a good time to shed unwanted items…don’t pay to pack and ship them. Start a few weeks to a few months in advance (depending on the size of your home and time off work,) go at it one room at a time, and beat the clutter.

Start with an easy room. 

This is an area that won't slow you down to...
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My Resale Therapy

I cannot deny I like to shop for clothes. I want to look stylish and feel good, not raggedy and unpleasant. But instead of retail therapy, I prefer resale therapy. Rarely do I buy something new when there are so many hidden treasures out there to be discovered. Like animal instinct, for me it's not the kill, but the thrill of...
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Fabulous Thrift Store Finds

Welcome to my new Thrift Store Finds page! You can always find me dropping and shopping at thrift stores. Rarely do I buy new clothes at full price...there are too many good deals to be found at second hand, resale, consignment shops, yard and estate sales. It makes for fun and guilt-less retail therapy! No shopping remorse here when I only paid...
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