My Resale Therapy

I cannot deny I like to shop for clothes. I want to look stylish and feel good, not raggedy and unpleasant. But instead of retail therapy, I prefer resale therapy. Rarely do I buy something new when there are so many hidden treasures out there to be discovered. Like animal instinct, for me it’s not the kill, but the thrill of the chase.

There are plenty of good deals to be found at thrift stores and consignment shops, yard and estate sales. It makes for fun and guilt-less shopping. No remorse here when I only paid a few bucks for my latest find. I am being green and doing something that feels good when giving my money to a non-profit with a cause, family, or small business owner.

I also get a brand-new-to-me wardrobe selection of unique contemporary and vintage treasures. The scary part is I have to let go of clothing in my closet to make room for my finds. Eek! How do I decide what to let go of?

I let go of a piece of clothing when:

  1. I have worn it to the point that it is fading, pilling, stained, stretching, or tearing
  2. I have not worn it for an entire year
  3. It is no longer my color, size, or style

Having just done a quarterly purge that I dropped off at Goodwill, I have empty hangers that I am allowing myself to refill with some new-to-me clothing. I want YOU to decide what works on me, and what does not.

Is it a FIT, or is it For Someone Else?


Green plaid zip vest by Cabi                  Dreamy blue sweater by Hillard & Hanson         Sassy grey tank blouse by Talbots

Please leave your feedback in the comments section below. Thanks for participating!



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