How to Apply for a San Francisco Moving Permit


If you’re planning a move to or from the city of San Francisco, it’s likely you’re going to need a San Francisco moving permit for the moving truck(s), and most San Francisco movers put this responsibility on the person moving. We’ve put together this movers guide outlining the steps to get your temporary San Francisco moving permit.

What is a San Francisco Moving Permit?

Per the San Francisco MTA, San Francisco Moving Permits are:

‘Temporary no parking signs that are required to inform the public that vehicles parked in the posted no parking spaces.’

While not required for a San Francisco move, they’re highly recommended as it will guarantee a parking spot for your moving truck(s). If your moving company gets a parking ticket during your move, you may be charged for it. Ask your moving company for their policy on moving permits.

Key things to remember when applying for a San Francisco moving permit

Plan Ahead – You need to apply for a San Francisco moving permit at least 5 business days prior your moving date. The sooner, the better!

Number of permits needed – You may need TWO permits if you’re moving from one San Francisco location to another San Francisco location.

Number of spaced needed – Give yourself extra cushion on the the length/number of spots needed. It’s a flat price for the first 120 feet of signage. Remember to account for the moving trucks loading ramp, and if they will need to bring more than one truck to fit all your belongings.

Maximum No Parking Days – The no parking zone can be enforced for a maximum of 5 days (including weekends). If you need enforcement for a longer period, the city requires a new permit application, and for an additional fee. Temporary no parking signs do not supersede existing parking and traffic regulations, such street cleaning signs or periodic commuter lanes, etc.

Who Can Park – The permit is only for the moving truck(s), not for personal vehicles.

Move Times – Start times for moving requests must begin no earlier than 7am and end no later than 10pm daily.

How To Apply for a Temporary San Francisco Moving Permit

Temporary San Francisco moving permits are managed by the San Francisco Municipal Transit Authority (SFMTA), and the application process takes time, so plan accordingly and get it done as soon as possible.

To submit an application for a San Francisco moving permit, the SFMTA office requires a minimum of 5 business days notice, and a number of days don’t count: your application day, the first enforcement day, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays all are excluded. So give yourself 5-10 days of cushion to ensure you have enough time. You can apply for a permit over the phone Monday through Friday 7:00 AM to 4:30 PM at (415) 701-2311, or in person at 1508 Bancroft Ave, San Francisco, CA 94124.

After you’ve submitted your application, someone from the San Francisco temporary sign program office will contact you, letting you know if your application was approved or denied. If you application was approved, your final fee amount will be confirmed, and instructions for posting the signs will be provided.

What you’ll need to provide in the application:

Your Address – You will need to provide an address for your move. This will be used to request a no parking zone as close as possible to your house. Most San Francisco moving companies will charge a “long carry” fee if the back of the truck is more than 75 feet from your front door.

Number of Meters – If you expect your no parking zone will block metered parking spaced, you’ll need the meter number from each meter that will be blocked. For any blocked metered spaces, there is an additional fee of $10 per meter, per day on top of the standard permit fees.

Length Needed – You need to provide the number of feet you need for your moving truck. You can get this from your moving company or truck rental location. Most San Francisco movers use box trucks that are 30′ longer or more, plus you will need to add extra length for the loading ramp, so give yourself some extra cushion. A typical parallel parking spot is 19′ to 20′ long, so most San Francisco moving permits will use 3 to 4 parking spots.

No Parking Enforcement Day(s) – In your application you need to provide the days needed for the temporary San Francisco moving permit, which cannot exceed 5 days.

Sign Posting and Removal – Who will put up the the signs and take them down? You have the option of posting and removing the no parking signs yourself, or someone from the San Francisco temporary sign office will do it for you.

After your San Francisco moving permit has been approved

Depending on whether your temporary no parking signs are in a metered or unmetered area, there are different requirements for how early the signs must be posted prior to the no parking day.

For unmetered areas –The temporary No Parking signs must be posted at least 72 hours (3 days) before the no parking date.

For metered areas –The temporary No Parking signs must be posted at least 24 hours prior to the no parking date.

What does a San Francisco moving permit cost?

It certainly isn’t cheap! The permits start at $239, plus an additional fee for every blocked metered space of $10 per meter, per day. Also, don’t forget, you may actually need TWO San Francisco moving permits, if your old home or apartment is in the city of San Francisco, and your new home or apartments is also in the city of San Francisco, your permit cost will double.

Payment is made to the SFMTA, and you can pay using a money order, credit card (Visa, Master and Discover card), or check (cashier or business) – but no personal checks. All checks should be made payable to “SFMTA – TEMPORARY SIGN.”

2016 San Francisco Moving Permit Rate Table

1-4 1-120 $239
5-9 121-270 $319
10-15 271-450 $399
16-21 451-630 $479
22-28 631-840 $557
29-35 841-1050 $638
36-43 1051-1290 $718
44-51 1291-1530 $798

Updated June 2017