What I Think of Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo’s New Netflix Show

I’m having so much fun watching this show! It’s exciting to see people diving into clothing, shoes, books, and piles of stuff large and small, being honest with themselves about what’s taking up space and not fueling the spirit. It’s also important to learn limits as to how much you can realistically tackle at a time, and to understand and accept with a passionate heart and determined mind that the process of decluttering the complete home takes commitment and consistency. Are you up for the challenge? It’s worth it, I promise!

Since the show premiered my organizer friends everywhere are receiving calls. I suddenly have 25% more inquiries in my inbox each day, which brings me great joy! I am excited that people are ready and willing to take control of their lives and their stuff. A common question asked with these new inquiries is:

” Are you a coach or do you actually help me do it?”

We help you do it! We can even do it for you when you’re not at home, so that you come back to a beautifully organized space without lifting a finger. And when you need to be home because there’s stuff to make decisions on or because you love being part of the process, my team and I are on the front lines with you sorting and lifting, containing and labeling.  

A complete organizer should provide you 1) organizational design ideas, 2) energy & motivation, and 3) implementation. It’s magical! Help with all three areas makes things move forward faster, and inspires you to keep going when you see how much can be accomplished in a matter of hours when we do it together. Teamwork makes the dream work when the goal is to declutter and organize your space asap so you can focus on and be productive with the people and things that matter most. 

San Francisco Bay Area Professional Organizer Isabella Guajardo works with clients to downsize, minimalize, and organize their wardrobe closets, offices, paperwork, kitchens, garages, and any challenging area of the home. Call her today at (510) 229-7321 for a complimentary 20-minute conversation about downsizing and minimalism.