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Honey Lemon Sugar Scrub – Make At Home

Honey Lemon Sugar Scrub

Good for the face, neck, hands, and feet for cleansing, smoothing, and moisturizing. "Everyone should exfoliate, every day, even guys." ~ Bette Midler When I ran out of my favorite Bert's Bees exfoliate two years ago, I changed my ways for good. I didn't like the additive ingredients listed on the label. Bert's Bee's is supposedly all natural, so...
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5 Home Organizing Mistakes To Stop Making

If you are like many people, you dream of finding time to get started on a few home organizing projects. Here are 5 common mistakes to avoid and tips to stay on task and be productive:

#1 Trying to get others organized.

I often get calls and email from thoughtful family members, friends, and neighbors asking for help for someone they love that's...
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Holiday Lighting Safety Tips

Holiday decorating with lights is fun! And it can increase the chance of a house fire. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, 400 house fires are caused by holiday lights and decorations annually. Follow simple step to keep your home and family safe. Maintain holiday lights. Inspect holiday lights each year. Look for frayed wires, broken sockets, and other signs of wear. Test each...
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