Week 49 | Greeting, Birthday and Holiday Cards | 52 Weeks To Downsize & Minimalize

greeting-cardsNo matter how many times we say we are going to make a cute craft out of all of the sweet Greeting, Birthday and Holiday Cards we get, it never seems to happen. Before we know it, we have a drawer full of cards that are taking up space.

Greeting, Birthday and Holiday Cards

This is a great week to go through the stacks of old cards and downsize. It’s nice to keep a few of the more meaningful ones from loved ones. But if not careful, you will have drawers, boxes, and cabinets filled with them.

Have cards been sitting in a drawer or on the top of a shelf, and you haven’t peeked at them for months? Then you’re not going to miss them now. Go through the cards one last time, take a digital photo if you need to, and then recycle, recycle, recycle.

There are many different craft ideas that you can do with your cards that you can find on Pinterest. With the ones that you keep, think about finding a great way to utilize the remaining cards!

IDEA: Take a digital photo of a picture card and upload it into your phone contacts as the one that pops up for that person when they call.