Declutter Jewelry, Purses, and Accessories


1. to remove mess or clutter from (a place) 2. to organize and prioritize (one’s commitments, material possessions, etc.) 3. to let it go  

Declutter Jewelry

  • that is broken and you have no intention to repair immediately
  • so outdated you haven’t worn it in years
  • the Ex gave you that makes you cry to see it
  • that hurts to wear in any way…those painful earrings!
Jewelry Organizing
Jewelry is a work of art. Care for, display, and wear it with pleasure.

Declutter Purses

  • that don’t fit the bare minimum of a wallet, cell phone, and keys
  • that make you look like a teeny bopper when you’re a grown adult
  • that are not functional no matter how cute
  • clean out purses filled with clutter. Do this every time you change handbags.
Fill purses with tissue paper to keep their shape. Shelf dividers keep them upright, in view, and accessible

Declutter Belts

  • that haven’t fit in eons
  • because your body has changed and shifted, and no longer wears them well
  • you use for spanking the kids – it’s bad karma and probably illegal these days
Roll belts and place in a drawer organizer to keep them in shape and looking good

Declutter Hats

  • with stains and sweat marks you cannot remove
  • with holes, rips, tears you will not repair immediately
  • too big or small for your head
  • no longer your color or style
  • no longer serving their purpose when on your head
Surprise, it’s me! In my favorite hat custom made by Elwin Crawford of O’Lover Hats in Oakland. I store it in a beautiful hat box that came with it.

Declutter Gloves

  • that are tattered, stretched, and no longer comfortably serving their purpose
  • too tight or large – give them to someone in need whom they will fit
Keep gloves together and within reach

Declutter Scarves

  • no longer your color or style
  • with rips and tears you cannot repair or hide
  • that no longer serve their purpose of keeping you warm or looking good
Roll scarves and place in a hanging bin, basket, or drawer for easy access

More Ideas

Creative jewelry display made from an old picture frame, mesh cloth, ribbon
Display jewelry on a hanging tree


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