Get Ready for Winter: Wardrobe Organizing Tips for Cold Weather

It’s time to get organized for the changing season.

If you’re like most of us and have limited closet space, you need to store seasonal clothing. In preparation for cold weather, it’s time to put away the summery things and bring out what you’ll need to stay warm and comfortable. It’s also a good time to purge.

Purging Tips

Say “goodbye” to clothing, shoes, and accessories when:

  • You have worn or used it to the point of fading, pilling, stains, stretching, or tearing
  • You have not worn or used it for an entire year
  • It is no longer your color, size, or style

 How to store off-season items.

  • Use containers with lids or large storage bags; cover to protect from dust, dirt, fluctuating temperatures, and little critters.
  • Treat them well. Clean, de-wrinkle, and fold or nicely hang before storing. Cared for clothing lasts longer, takes up less space, and can be worn immediately when it’s time.
  • Store items in a temperature-controlled environment, particularly natural materials such as leather, wool, and silk. Do not store in damp places that tend to breed mold or mildew, nor in extreme hot temperatures.
  • Label bins or bags with a basic or detailed description of contents and store under the bed, high on a top shelf, in the guest room closet, on a garage or attic shelf, or on a covered rolling rack.

It’s time to keep sweaters, jackets, scarves, warm hats & socks, cozy boots, gloves, and an umbrella within reach.

  • Sweaters keep their shape best when folded and stacked in dresser drawers or on reachable shelves. Lightweight sweaters do well hung as long as you wear often enough to retain their shape.
  • Roll winter scarves and place in a hanging canvas organizer  (which I also like for small purses, hats & beanies, gloves, compact umbrellas, and other accessories.) You can also stack them in a dresser drawer (see photo) or place in a bin on a shelf.
  • Keep gloves close to scarves or within coat pockets. I buy several sets of $1 gloves at CVS or Target and store a pair in the pocket of each jacket. They’re always there when I need them.
  • Keep long socks, thermal underwear, and cold-weather leggings together. More tips to organize tights, leggings, and long socks here.

Take the time to organize your closet and wardrobe for the changing season, and you’ll have what you need in a cold-weather flash.


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