50 Ways To Creatively Reuse & Repurpose Boxes

creatively reuse small gift boxes for office and utility supplies.
Creative reuse of small boxes for office and utility supplies. Here I use both bottoms and lids of business card boxes to double the amount of storage containers in my desk drawer.

Gift boxes, shipping boxes, and other packaging are a major source of clutter in homes and become instant waste. ”It’s estimated that between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, more than 1 million tons of additional waste is generated each week nationwide…” – CalRecycle.ca.gov

When getting organized around the house, hold back from going out to buy fancy and expensive small storage containers. Instead, reuse and repurpose boxes generated over the holiday season or any time of year:

a jewelry box

  • in the bathroom – hair clips, hair ties, q-tips, floss wands, contacts
  • in the kitchen/pantry – toothpicks, twist ties, rubber bands, tea packet display (see tea drawer)
  • in the office – push pins, paper clips, sticky notes, loose stamps, business cards, ID cards, gift cards, credit cards
  • in the sewing room- loose needles, stray buttons, safety pins
  • in the utility room or drawer- batteries (old or new), nails & screws, miscellany

a shoe or shirt box

  • in the bathroom – brushes & combs, make-up, shaving supplies, travel size toiletries, cleaning sponges/rags
  • in the bedroom – undergarments, tights, socks, scarves, gloves
  • in the craft room – greeting cards, ribbon storage, photo storage, the possibilities are endless in here!
  • in the kids room – small toy parts and pieces, pencil and crayon box, arts & crafts
  • in the kitchen/pantry – small appliance parts and pieces, snack pack storage
  • in the living room – candles/tea lights, CDs or DVDs
  • in the office – receipts, envelopes, printer ink packets, writing utensils
  • in the utility room  or drawer – light bulbs, rags, random parts and pieces

Reuse and repurpose leftover holiday, birthday, or every day online and store-bought packaging to get organized around the house. If you are concerned about the way repurposed boxes look to visitors in your home, use them inside a drawer or cabinet so that only you see them. Do this -even if only a temporary solution- until you can upgrade to exactly what you want and need. Food for thought: “upgrading” does not have to mean “new.”

how do YOU creatively reuse and repurpose boxes around the house?

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Isabella Guajardo, also known as Girl With A Truck™, is a professional home organizer and member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO). She travels in her truck to work with clients throughout the greater San Francisco Bay down to Monterey. She shares simple and creative ways to stay organized while reducing, recycling and re-purposing.