Why Selling Online Is Better Than Ever

It’s a good time to make money off what you haven’t used in years. 

Clothing, textbooks, furniture, appliances, recreation and workout equipment, mirrors, artwork, construction and landscaping materials, yard clutter, and more.

Consumers have less options to see what they want in person and less urge to buy non-essentials at full price. Prices everywhere are getting higher. Amazon is not always the better deal. These are all good reasons to consider selling your items online.

Are you ready to sell?

Write a list of everything you want out of your life. Start with bigger, bulkier things that will free up space fast, then move on to smaller items. Sort, gather, and categorize the smaller things into labeled boxes or bins. It’s important to keep what you’re selling organized so that you can find them faster when a buyer comes around.

Take good photos with natural lighting.

Items have higher value to people when they look good. You may have to take pictures in both the landscape (horizontal) and portrait (vertical) directions, because sometimes photos upload sideways. Play with it and see.

Do internet research for new and used prices. 

Check Amazon, Ebay, and other places where a similar item might be listed for sale. Try using Google Lens in the search. You may be surprised at what you can get for it. You may have the only one available!

One item per post.

Many posting sites have an option to include multiple photos in each post. Yes, you can upload different things you have for sale within the same ad, but what grabs people’s attention is the first and main photo they see. Put each item in the spotlight with it’s own ad and include multiple full view and close up shots.

Include details in the description.

Brand names, model numbers, color, size, dimensions, etc. so that the perspective buyer will quickly know if it will work for them and can look it up online for price comparison. When they see that the same item costs more elsewhere (or that it’s not available anywhere but through you) they are more likely to buy it. Be honest and transparent about stains, rips, and flaws.

Use Keywords.

People search for things by different names. For example, a wardrobe closet is also called an armoire. If you’re selling a basket include keywords that describe the item in different ways: basket, container, bin, metal, cloth, cotton.

Post on weekends.

People have more time and energy to shop on weekends. The earlier in the weekend you post, the better the odds of it getting a response. Friday night or early Saturday morning is best. You can post during the weekday but renew the ad over the weekend if it’s an option.

This is an ad renew option in Craigslist (which is a good place to sell old furniture and other bulky and heavy things locally) that keeps the ad fresh and at the top of the list. Renew often until sold or your uploaded photos may be removed from the ad.

Make it easy for buyers to contact you. 

As you may feel about them, buyers want to know that you’re a real and honest person. Respond to their inquiry immediately, use a Google Voice telephone number if it makes you more comfortable. NEVER accept requests to ship or anything other than cash in small bills. Kindly clarify this in the ad. Read safety tips on Craigslist and other online selling platforms before buying or selling through their site.

Tip: Advertise for a little more than you’re willing to sell it, to account for the hagglers.

Be patient and the right person will come along.

It may take a day, a week, and sometimes longer to get a buyer. I once posted a vintage road bike for sale and renewed the ad every Friday night as I turned down low offers. It hung in my garage (it was already there 5 years too long) and two months later I got a response for the full asking price. If your item is not selling fast and your goal is to get rid of it asap, consider gradually lowering the price or posting it for free. You will be clutter-free and feel good that your things are being put to good use.

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