Home Office Organizing

This Alameda client called me in to work on her home office. A writer and entrepreneur, she had a vision for her new space but was blocked when it came to executing it. This was the view of her desk from one of few areas I was able to stand in the room, as boxes of office supplies and piles of books were scattered throughout.

Office Organizing

Office Organizing – BEFORE


office organizing alameda before boxes of books

Her original idea of using utility shelves helped to get things off the ground and the desk, but was missing something.

office organizing alameda before corner wall 2

office organizing alameda before back wall

Things were randomly piled into the closet -turned-bookshelf, and a box of tools and storage bins of  tax paperwork blocked the entrance.

office organizing alameda before closet

 The original desk she had was too small for effectively getting things done, so an investment was made for a bigger, L-shaped desk which we purchased and assembled.

office organizing alameda before desk 3

One of the goals was to get EVERYTHING up off the floor and in a convenient, accessible space close to the desk. This Expedit bookcase from IKEA was an inexpensive organizational furniture solution.

office organizing alameda during new shelf

Unpacking, sorting, gathering, and organizing the most important work-related books and office supplies onto the new shelf…

office organizing alameda after shelf 1

 Extra books were placed on the closet shelves.

office organizing alameda after closet 4


office organizing alameda after closet

 After building and organizing the bookcase, we put up cork board and magazine holders the client already owned but was not utilizing. We made one side for work, the other personal. An organized home office.

Home Office Paperwork Organizing

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