Kitchen Organizing Tips


Shelf extenders keep you from having to lift heavy dishes to get to what you need.


Creative labeling makes pantry organizing fun!


Use a kitchen drawer to organize your tea.










Repurpose food jars to store beans, rice and grains. Remove old labels and smells by soaking in hot water with non-chlorine bleach for 15 minutes.

Create a “drink zone” in the kitchen that includes everything you need to make drinks: coffee, teas, drink mixes, sugars, honey, mugs, travel mugs, glasses, coffee maker, blender, juicer… – More about how I created one in my home here.

Keep a large glass jar on the countertop for food scrap collection. The lid keeps the smell at bay and having the jar near the cutting board makes it easy to chop scraps into small pieces before placing inside, which helps with faster decomposing in the compost bin.