Paperwork Organizing from A Distance

Bella Organizing now offers pick up and get it done paperwork organizing services. Here’s how it works:

Step #1: We speak on the phone or Zoom your office and paperwork woes and set goals.

Step #2: You gather and place your paperwork in bags or boxes, and call me for a socially distant pick-up.

Step #3: I work my magic and return them to you, organized.

Whether tax paperwork, day to day bills and correspondence, or the stuff that grew out of the woodwork and is now scattered around the house, I get it organized quickly and efficiently. You also have the option of us working together on it virtually, or a combination of both.

Call me at (510) 229-7321 for rates and details. I guarantee you will love the way I get your office and paperwork organized from a distance. 
Ready to talk about distance and virtual organizing services for paperwork, kitchens, closets, and more? Contact me today!