Garage Organizing – Los Gatos, CA

This Los Gatos client moved into his new home two weeks prior to calling us. He and his wife did a lot of the unpacking. Both being busy professionals who travel often for work and have a toddler, needed help unpacking the remaining boxes and getting the house together and running smoothly. They used a professional organizer once several years ago and recalled how helpful it was, so called me and my team to do the remaining unpacking, set up and organization.

We worked on several areas of the home including the kitchen, utility room, kids room, playroom, dining room, home office, and master bedroom closet, but the most frustrating for them was the garage so we tackled that first.

garage organizing los gatos before 2

Contractors installed shelving, but left a mess of white dust on the ground and in the cabinets.

The movers put boxes in the right places, but their job was done at that. The clients’ original intention was to look through each box on their own – years of built up clutter – and purge things they brought along and didn’t have time to look through before moving. A busy work and parenting schedule got the best of them…they needed help.

garage organizing los gatos before 9


garage organizing los gatos before 6


After reviewing goals and quick planning, the Bella team pulled everything out of the garage.

garage organizing los gatos during 1


garage organizing los gatos during 3

After sorting like items, I worked with the client to make decisions as to what stays and what goes away. This process made it quick and easier for him, and he was motivated to declutter like he’d wanted for a long time.

Next,  shelves and floors were cleaned before putting things away.

garage organizing los gatos cleaning

Original storage bins that were not broken or cracked were reused, and additional brought in to replace cardboard boxes and store smaller items such as cords, wires, and small hardware. We then brought in and assembled a few inexpensive, sturdy shelf systems to get the bulky things off the ground.

garage organizing los gatos after side view

We utilized the new white cabinets for cleaning supplies, tools and hardware, memorabilia including photos, books, cds, and other household items the client did not want stored in the house.

garage organizing los gatos after view 10

garage organizing los gatos after view 7

Now there’s room for a car in the garage!

garage organizing los gatos after view 3

garage organizing los gatos after view 1

garage organizing los gatos after view 2

We took away a truckload of unwanted clutter AND a truckload of boxes and packing material.  The client was relieved to have his new garage in order. We did it in a days time…much faster than he expected.


Isabella Guajardo is a San Francisco Bay Area professional home organizer and a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO). Living in Oakland and Monterey, she travels in her truck to work with clients throughout the SF Bay Area, East Bay, South Bay, Silicon Valley, Santa Cruz and Monterey Peninsula. Join Bella Organizing on Facebook. Gift certificates are available.

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