DIY Housecleaning for the Holidays

Today, I’m happy to introduce you to my newest blogging friend Amelia from London, England. Amelia is guest posting on Bella Organizing today and sharing do-it-yourself housecleaning tips for the holidays. ~ Isabella


DIY Housecleaning for the Holidays – by Amelia Cole

Christmas season is approaching and it is time for dinner parties and large family gatherings. There is no doubt that you will have guests coming in and out of your home, which is exactly why you need to make sure that your home looks clean and welcoming at all times. You do not always need to hire professional cleaners to help make your home look immaculately clean as there are plenty of DIY tips that you can follow. Here are do-it-yourself tips that can help you with your house cleaning tasks this Christmas.



Get your entryway spruced up

You obviously want to make a great first impression when guests enter your home. What better way to do that than to make sure that your foyer is neat and tidy? Get your carpets and rugs clean and polish your wooden floors as well as the furniture there.



Organize My Kitchen

 Get your kitchen uncluttered

If you often have guests who prefer hanging out in the kitchen with you, you should definitely make sure that your kitchen is uncluttered. Store away your countertop appliances in shelves or cabinets so that there are no accidents like someone’s elbow pushing your toaster or coffee grinder to the floor. The more space you make, the more you can enjoy your time with loved ones.



Organize My Living Room

Tidy up your living room

When you have kids at home, the living room can get quite untidy. If guests often come over, make sure that everything is kept off the floor. Toys, crayons and other kids’ items should be neatly packed away even if it is in the same room. Vacuum your sofas, carpet and upholstery and use stain removers to properly remove stains. Visit How to Store Toys in the Living Room for more organizing tips.



Organize My Bedroom

Get your guest room ready

If you are going to have house-guests, you will need to make sure that your guest room is clean and welcoming. It does not take much work. All you need is clean sheets and quilts or blankets. Dust and polish the furniture to make it look sparkling and put up fresh and clean curtains. A clean guest room will always make your guests happy.




Work on your bathroom

This is an important part of cleaning up for Christmas. Even if the other rooms in your home look spic-and-span, an untidy and dirty bathroom will put your guests off. Clean soap scum off your shower door or curtain and make sure that your sink and bathtub are sparkling clean. If your tiles are old, get them replaced or if a bit of scrubbing will make them look like new again, do so. Do not forget to put a new air-freshener to give it a pleasant smell.


You do not need to spend money on professional cleaners to get your home ready for guests during the holiday season this year. Get everyone at home to lend a helping hand and before you know it, you will be welcoming friends and family into a home that looks clean and welcoming.


amelia coleAmelia Cole is a freelance writer, working at Rubbish Please, one of the trusted providers of house clearance in London, England.  She loves to write about interior design, home improvement, and various of other stuff that can help make your house a home. She is a contributor to Fantastic Cleaners Blog and Domestic Cleaning Tips, blogger and keen environmentalist. You can find her on Google+.




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