I Got The Business Degree

In 2015 I decided to apply to an MBA program. While researching schools and prices of both public and private colleges, I discovered that one can save several thousands of dollars by taking up to five MBA foundational classes at a city college and tranferring in the credits. I learned a lot that was very relevant and helpful to my existing business, such as how to use quickbooks, managerial accounting, and all about economic cycles.

In the process I realized that an MBA is not necessary for my personal career goals and that I would be going into the greatest debt of my life AND lose a lot of money by shifting to a part-time business in order to have time to study. That would have made it a very expensive MBA! I decided against the program which I apparently didn’t really want to do (or I would have done it).

I continued taking an occasional business class at city college because it’s what I preferred and enjoyed, and it allowed me to continue running my business full-time. I accumulated so many units over time by taking classes casually that I qualified for a two-year Business Administration degree in five years.

I hope to inspire those who are ready to update skills with a few classes or go to college for a certificate or degree to take the step to enroll in at least one class a semester at a local community college and get the ball rolling. You don’t have to jump in all at once, especially since you likely have a full-time job and family to raise. If you do a little at a time you will begin to hone your time managment skills and get better at this education thing.

There is a lot to learn out there, and it can be fun and rewarding with the perspective that you’re challenging yourself to something that you don’t HAVE to do, but rather WANT to do, and can get started very affordably at a community college. Therein lies the power to do what it takes to update your skills and/or get started on your journey to obtain an Associates degree, Bachelors, Masters, or beyond. It can be done. Just enroll.