Professional Packing Services

The demands on my clients’ busy lives require their spaces be in good order

Traditional packing services simply dump your belongings into boxes with little care or regard to the bigger picture.

My team and I have assisted with hundreds of seamless transitions throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. We are experts in packing and unpacking large, multi-room and full house projects.

Our seasoned team gets your project done fast – and with unparalleled attention to detail. We’re professional organizers at heart, so when packing and unpacking we’re always thinking about how we can make your life easier and more organized.

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“We are here to help with your move from start to finish.”  ~ Isabella

“Isabella is the most organized person I’ve ever encountered. She is exceptional, very detail oriented… I highly recommend… Isabella is a valuable resource for any aspect of the move. ~ Anne Politeo, Realtor, Marvin Gardens Real Estate | Berkeley, CA


Want help sorting and culling before your move, or setting up and organizing your new space?  Ask about our combination declutter/pack, and unpack/organize services. We’ll help you save on moving costs and set up your home for comfort, function, and style.  Services include:

Pre-Move Decluttering

At Bella Organizing, we have years of experience customizing downsize, packing, and moving services to fit the unique personalities, needs, and busy schedules of our clients. We help you through the process of sorting and culling before the move, and get the clutter hauled away. This is often the most challenging part of the move, and Bella Organizing project managers will quickly make a plan of action and get it done. Packing takes place during the process, and you’re more prepared for the move at the end of each session. 


  • Pack entire house or specific rooms
  • We supply the boxes and materials or use what you provide
  • Packing and labeling with attention to detail


  • Unpack the entire house or specific areas
  • Line shelves, drawers and linen closets upon request
  • Recycle packing materials

Full-Service Moving & Home Set-up – ask about it!

  • Pack entire house (we bring the boxes and materials)
  • Coordinate the movers on moving day, so you don’t have to
  • Line kitchen, bathroom, and/or linen cabinets
  • Unpack boxes and put everything away in the Bella Organizing fashion
  • Arrange placement of furniture, accessories, and artwork
  • Organize and fine-tune your home for comfort, function, and style
  • Recycle packing materials

Need move-out or move-in cleaning, trash-hauling services, handy person, or experienced and reliable movers? We have great referrals for you!

We pack studio apartments to multi-room homes and estates. Please contact us for a complimentary assessment & estimate. 

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Read this interview with Betty A. Sproule, co-author of The Stuff Cure: How we lost 8,000 pounds of stuff for fun, profit, virtue, and a better world. A great resource for tips on downsizing and organizing in preparation for a move.

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