Week 18 | Toiletries | 52 Weeks to Downsize & Minimalize

Join me this week to downsize & minimalize the excess make-up and toiletries that take up valuable space in the bathroom. Shampoos and conditoners that your hair didn't approve of, excess lotions, gels, creams, liquids, powders, and make-up that never did it for you. Don't hold onto what you don't need nor what your hair and skin don't like. Choose what you love...
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How Much Should You Tip Movers? Tipping Etiquette for Moving Companies

What is the tipping etiquette for movers?

Movers are entrusted with your personal belongings and do a lot of heavy lifting. Many times they need to carefully and strategically maneuver furniture and boxes up and down stairs, through narrow corridors, and even out second story windows. For this reason, some people feel obligated to give these service-based workers extra recognition for their hard work. Movers don't expect a...

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Week 16 | Pet Hair | 52 Weeks to Downsize & Minimalize

Looking to reduce the amount of pet hair in your home? Do you love your dog or cat so much that you don't notice the hair anymore? LOOK CLOSELY. Your guests see (and smell) it. Owning a pet is a wonderful experience that tends to result in sacrificing the cleanliness of the home, but it doesn't have to. It's time to become conscious of...
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Week 15 | Cords & Wires | 52 Weeks to Downsize & Minimalize

Continue to disconnect this Spring by letting go of electronic cords and wires that have been hanging around for eons unused.
  • old telephone and fax machine cords
  • electronic adaptors to who knows what
  • extra printer cords
  • old extension cords that you're weary of catching fire if plugged in
  • multiple router cables
  • broken cell phone chargers
What other cords and wires can you...
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