Week 43 | Coupons | 52 Weeks To Downsize & Minimalize

In today's world there are coupons for just about everything! For those of you who use them grocery shopping, congrats! But are all even still relevant, or are half of them expired?

What To Do With Your Coupons

Now is the time to go through and pitch the ones that aren't going to get you very far. Waiting to use that online one...
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Week 42 | Glassware | 52 Weeks To Downsize & Minimalize

What type of glassware around your home can you downsize and minimize this week? You'll be stunned by how much is around your home that no longer fits the mold for your lifestyle.

Glassware to consider Downsizing:

  • The one remaining glass from a set long-broken
  • A souvenir beer mug from the county fair
  • The margarita glasses you bought for the theme party...
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Week 41 | Quantity | 52 Weeks To Downsize & Minimalize

This week, cut the quantity of anything you know you've been excessive about in ways that don't benefit you, others, or the planet.

Quantity Downsizing to Relieve The Stress

It can be a person, place, thing, perspective, a feeling or emotion, for example. What can you do without or can do with less of this week? By taking things out of your life that...
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Week 40 | Receipts | 52 Weeks To Downsize & Minimalize

Are old receipts scattered all over the desk, dresser, or table top? Let them go!

How to Clean Out Old Receipts

This week, focus on recycling receipts that are past the return expiration date. Things for general household goods (food, toiletries, personal products) should be considered old and OK to throw away. Clear out other things that are not required as business or tax...
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Week 39 | Email Lists | 52 Weeks To Downsize & Minimalize

Are marketing emails and newsletters tormenting your inbox? Deleting them is only a temporary solution until the next one arrives, so it’s time to get removed from these email lists for good.

How to Downsize the Email Lists You're On

Go to your inbox right now. Find email you no longer want to receive, then scroll to the bottom of the email. Click the...
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