Tips for Working with A Collector or Hoarder

If someone you know is going through a serious collecting or hoarding challenge, they simply may not be ready to let go, as they will usually have a very different perspective than you about what's too much. If their clutter is causing fire, falling, or other hazards and you feel the need to help them immediately, it's still extremely important to be...

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What I Think of Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo's New Netflix Show

I'm having so much fun watching this show! It's exciting to see people diving into clothing, shoes, books, and piles of stuff large and small, being honest with themselves about what's taking up space and not fueling the spirit. It's also important to learn limits as to how much you can realistically tackle at a time, and to understand and...

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Minimalism and the 80/20 rule

Minimalism: A dream only obtainable through curated lifestyle magazines and Instagram posts? Imagine having a wardrobe closet, kitchen cabinets, or a garage so unstuffed that it's as if you walked into a department store window display to live. Only a handful of clients out of thousands I've worked with actually live that kind of minimalist...
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