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Isabella Guajardo -also known as Girl With A Truck™- has been creatively organizing homes since 2006. Today, her company Bella Organizing is the premiere professional home organizing and moving relocation service from the San Francisco Bay Area to the Monterey Peninsula. Isabella enjoys working directly with clients to make their space comfortable, functional, and stylish. Isabella built Bella Organizing around helping people and making a difference in their lives. It’s no coincidence that she began her career developing award-winning educational, environmental, career and business development programs for San Francisco Bay Area non-profit organizations. She stays true to environmental principles by sharing, with clients and on her blog, simple and creative ways to organize the home while reducing, recycling and re-purposing.

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Week 10 | Storage | 52 Weeks to Downsize & Minimalize

The work I do as a professional organizer is all about smart and safe storage. I consult on and implement day to day storage for:
  • Immediate access - such as the kitchen, wardrobe closets, paperwork files
  • Short term storage - garage, shed, or other residential on-site storage that needs to be occasionally accessed (and sometimes turns into long-term storage)
  • Long-term storage - off-site public and...
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Week 9 | Facebook Friends | 52 Weeks to Downsize & Minimalize

facebook_friends_delete_downsize_minimalism_declutter_organize_best_professional_organizer_san_francisco_bay_area Are you or someone you know a collector of Facebook friends? Do you know someone with hundreds or thousands of friends and wonder how they find the time and achieve the personality to be that social? Are you concerned about your online privacy? In this article we review pros and cons of deleting Facebook friends around the...
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Week 8 | 52 Weeks to Downsize & Minimalize | Undergarments

Have you taken a good look at the condition of your undergarments lately? Is your sock and underwear drawer overflowing, hard to open and close because it's stuffed with too much? Are you a neat roller and folder, or a messy tosser and forgetter? This week we are reviewing the state of your unmentionables: socks, underwear, bras, thongs, control undergarments, shape wear, boxers, briefs, singlets/tank...
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